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    Challenges We've Faced

    We need daily updates from personnel across Western Canada - is this possible?

    During the 2000-2002 hockey seasons the Western Hockey League was looking to provide period-by-period updates of each game throughout the league. Due to their limited budget, they did not have the staff to sit at each game and supply the information so they wanted a system that could be used by the teams themselves.

    There were 18 teams in the league scattered across Western Canada and the United States, so this posed the first obstacle. How do you allow authorized users from such a broad geographical region to make updates to only one portion of a large web site?

    To further complicate the problem, these updates would have to be made several times an evening and by people with little or no knowledge of web designing.

    To solve this problem, we implemented a system which allows the personnel of the teams to log on to the WHL web site to make their updates quickly and easily from any location.

    Once logged on to the system, the teams just dropped their game information into a few boxes on their web browser and a file was automatically created for each game. At the end of each period, they returned to the WHL site, opened up the file for their game and added the latest results. This information was added to the existing information about the previous periods and then displayed to the general public immediately.

    This system allowed a visitor to the WHL site to view the scoring updates of any game while it was being played and these results were available on the site for the remainder of the season.

    To learn more about how AFAB can assist you in keeping your web site updated, Contact Us and we'll discuss the possibilities with you.

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