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    Who Is AFAB?

    AFAB is Your Marketing & Web Design Consultant.

    We are more than a web page designer -- we provide a full range of services to assist you in creating, marketing and maintaining a web site that puts the Internet to Work for Your Business.

    Your business feels the need for a web site (or the need to improve your existing site) and you're looking for a professional to help you get the results you want (that is why you're reading this page isn't it?) well, AFAB is the consultant that will work with you to achieve your goals while fitting within your budget.

    Here's Who We Are and What We've Done:

    • We're a full-time agency, not freelancers or hobbyists trying to earn some extra cash (we're able to respond to your requests in a timely manner)

    • We're an established business we've operated since 1991 and we've been providing internet services since 1995 (we'll still be around tomorrow to keep your project on track!)

    • We're based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada but have the ability (and experience) to work with clients located anywhere in the world

    • We have experience assisting clients from a wide range of industries and conduct extensive research for each new project to ensure we meet your needs and the needs of your customers

    • We've worked with small- and medium-sized businesses from a single owner/operator to a team of several dozen employees (we'll be able to work with your business and the appropriate personnel to maximize the benefits of your web project)

    • We're an affordable solution for your internet goals (we've worked with a range of budgets and always meet the quote we provide up front)

    • We've faced many web design challenges and conquered them to the satisfaction of our clients (view Our Portfolio for a select list of projects we've successfully created)

    • We've developed and maintained a strong understanding of marketing principles, consumer behaviours and web-friendly copywriting to ensure that your message is clearly received by your customers (and acted upon)

    • We're continually studying the ever-evolving internet, its technologies and how users behave online to find what they are seeking (our experience and knowledge will be a valuable asset to your project)

    • We're real people and realize that your business is made up of real people as well (you, your employees, your customers, etc.) so we'll always treat you with respect, answer your questions and concerns to keep you comfortable with our work and do all that we can to earn your trust (a happy client is a long-term client and we want to continue working with you well into the future)

    Contact AFAB today for a free proposal to see how we'll help you build a web site that gets results.

    AFAB Publishing & Consulting - Marketing & Web Design Consultants
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