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    SBM Inc.

    SBM Inc. is an Oil and Gas Consulting firm offering industry information and analyses on a monthly basis. This site is a clients-only service where new charts, scenarios and up-to-the-moment data are provided each month to decision makers in the top energy companies.

    SBM Inc. The goal of this site is to replicate the existing print materials SBM distributes each month and to add increased user interaction so that their clients can work with the ever-changing data in a useful way. The owners of SBM Inc. also required the ability to make frequent updates to the site with as little effort as possible.

    The entire site is database driven and all updates are performed by SBM staff through online forms. Clients are categorized based on the licenses they have purchased and are given access to only the information that falls under their license.

    Some of the features available to their clients include:

    • Interactive "Dashboards" of current data which open up additional information when a user clicks on any individual chart
    • Several categories of current information which is updated on a regular basis and links to other relevant sections of the site
    • Over 350 proprietary charts which are available by category or by online search
    • The ability for users to open several charts at once and move them around on the page to allow for greater analysis and comparison
    • A weekly update message which is posted to the site and emailed to all clients based on their licensing level
    • Updateable slideshow presentations to illustrate industry information and current trends
    • A marketing section used to promote the services to pre-determined audiences

    In 2004, the SBM web site underwent a complete makeover to add further features to users and to make the site more attractive and easier to use for clients.

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