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    Secrets to a Successful Web Site

    The secret to a successful web site can be summed up in a single statement:

    Give your visitors what they want in the way they want it

    It's true that this isn't really a secret (though you'd never know it from the large number of web sites that fail to use it) -- it's a basic marketing principle that has stood the test of time.

    But despite the simplicity of this concept, it is vitally important as the basis for the 3 key elements of an effective web site:

    • attracting enough of the right visitors to your site
    • presenting an appealing and easy-to-use site design
    • offering informative content with an effective marketing message

    Again, these three elements are (or should be) no great secret. But most small business web sites fail in at least one of these key areas because they don't address the underlying principle -- giving the customer what he/she wants.

    So now you know the secret to a successful web site, but how do you go about building your site to take advantage of it?

    We've written detailed report -- "Secrets To A Successful Web Site" -- to show you how this "secret" can be put to work for you and we're making it available to you at no cost. All we ask is that you tell us who you are by signing up for our free email newsletter -- "Web Bits."

    In our report and newsletters, you'll learn:

    • Why the secret to web site success is your visitor and how to determine what they want then deliver it to them
    • Why most web sites fail to get results
    • How the Internet is different as a marketing medium and how to take advantage of the unique opportunities
    • A 5-step strategy to plan and build your web site to get results
    • How to use targeted one-to-one communications to get your visitors to take action (to make a purchase)
    • The roles your web site can and should be filling to increase your business' profitability
    • Marketing tips and strategies for your web site and your business

    The information you'll receive will be valuable whether you're building your first web site or looking for greater results from an existing site, whether you're planning to do it yourself or searching for a web consultant to handle your project.

    You'll get the tools to do it right. And to get real results from your web site investment.

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