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    Challenges We've Faced

    Can we create a site where visitors pay for access to specific information?

    The internet has made it relatively easy to set up informational web sites which can be accessed only by paying visitors. These sites can expand the services you offer to clients and can become a valuable revenue stream to your business.

    When Pete Estabrooks of wanted to offer his fitness consulting services to people around the world, we created a membership-based site that allows his clients to access individualized fitness programs, workouts and videos from any computer on the internet. Each member gets personalized messages when they log in to the site and can maintain their own online fitness diary so they can track their progress. With Pete reviewing the diaries, he's able to offer additional tips and motivational messages to his individual clients or to the entire group.

    For SBM Inc., we've created a web site that is accessible only by their paying clients. Each client purchases a license based on the category of information they require and then they can view only the data and analyses covered by their license. Regular updates to the site are also automatically emailed to relevant clients so they are encouraged to continually return to the site to take advantage of the features available to them.

    If you're interested in creating a membership-based web site, Contact AFAB and we'll discuss the possibilities with you.

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