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    Challenges We've Faced

    How do we create a web site that will help in the marketing of our business and promoting our products/services to our customers?

    The promotional benefits of the internet can be virtually unlimited, but to be truly effective, a web site must have a useful and attractive design along with powerful marketing messages.

    At AFAB, we specialize in creating business web sites that utilize the unique power of the internet to market the products and/or services of our clients.

    For Traptow Photography, we created a site that promoted their services while providing useful information to their prospective clients. Along with extensive online galleries of their past work, this site illustrates the expertise of Traptow photographers and increases the comfort level that visitors feel for the business. This format has resulted in an increased number of visitors to the site and greater sales for the business.

    On, we've implemented an online ordering system where visitors can purchase several of the fitness videos and DVD's that Pete offers for sale. We've also established a member-only section where users pay for access to additional information and one-on-one fitness training services.

    The SBM Inc. web site wanted to create a marketing section of their client-based site where they could direct interested potential clients. This section had to be password-protected so that only pre-qualified users could access it and the SBM staff required the ability to update the slideshow presentations that would be available in this section. Through the use of online forms, SBM can now create and update PowerPoint-style presentations which can be viewed by their potential clients on any web browser.

    If you want to use your web site to market your business, products and services, AFAB has the solution for you. Contact Us for our ideas and to receive a free quote for your project.

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