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    Challenges We've Faced

    It's time to make money from our web site - but how?

    Many web sites can benefit from selling advertising space on their pages to outside sponsors. This can turn a large or targeted flow of traffic into an additional revenue source.

    This strategy has been implemented for a few of our clients, including Jeffrey Dawson and the Western Hockey League.

    Jeffrey Dawson was looking to recover some of the costs of his web site by allowing local businesses to purchase advertising space on his pages.

    Working with Jeffrey, AFAB developed an online advertising program which rotates banners throughout the site. Jeffrey can add new sponsors at any time and accounts automatically expire when the contracts are over so Jeffrey does not have to spend all his time managing the system and can instead focus on producing new content for his visitors.

    In 1998-99, we were approached by the Western Hockey League to assist them in developing and managing an online banner advertisement program.

    The WHL had several existing sponsors for the league and for many of their teams and they were looking to add increased value to these sponsorships.

    We decided that a banner advertising system was the best solution so AFAB set out to create a program to rotate advertisements throughout the site. Our system had to handle the high volume of visitors to the site while allowing for a simple management and tracking tool.

    The system we developed presented over 20,000 banners each day while tracking the number of displays and click-thrus for each of the advertisers.

    New banners could be added in minutes and each sponsor could view their current statistics online or receive a regular summary of the activity on their account.

    If you're interested in learning how banner advertising can increase the revenue to your site, Contact AFAB and we'll discuss the possibilities with you.

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