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    Internet Programming

    The Web is more than pretty pictures and slick marketing copy.

    To get the greatest results from your web site, you may need more than just static web pages. You should offer pages with dynamic, changing information which allow your users to interact with the pages to obtain the information that they seek.

    At AFAB, we have extensive experience in developing and implementing interactive elements for business-oriented web sites. Utilizing some of the latest tools available (including HTML, dHTML, Java, JavaScript, ActiveX, Perl, etc.), we can add any of the following features to your web project:

    • Database design and data management - to store, manage and present information to your web visitors
    • Online forms - for feedback, surveys, information requests, online orders, shopping carts, etc.
    • Mailing lists/email newsletters - to keep in touch with your visitors through regular email notices and/or newsletters by email
    • Password protected areas - restrict access to your web site or just parts of it
    • CGI Scripts/JavaScript - for such things as online bulletin boards, chat rooms, online surveys/polls, ad banner systems, monitoring site traffic/usage, etc.

    If there's a feature or user attraction that you'd like to add to your site, Contact AFAB and we'll discuss the possibilities with you.

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