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    Our Pricing

    Your web site should not be a cost to your business… it should be an investment with a proven return.

    As much as we'd like to give you a price list, an hourly rate (what does that really mean anyways -- different designers work at different speeds so the final cost can vary greatly!) or a cost-per-page outline for a web site, the truth is that every project is different and, therefore, the pricing varies from job to job.

    But while we can't present you with an estimate for your unique site here until we know all the information, we will provide you with a detailed cost-breakdown once we learn about your project. And once we've worked with you to determine the elements required for your web site, we'll provide you with a firm quote on our services up front -- one that we'll stick to without adding extra hidden charges or cost overruns.

    And now I'm sure that despite the above explanation of our pricing, you're still seeking a quick estimate for your web site's cost… so here's some guidelines that may assist in budgeting:

    * These estimates should be used as a guideline only *

    • Our web project cost range: $500 - 5000+
    • Our most common web project costs: $1000 - 2500
      (site planning, page design, graphic design, copywriting)
    • Average Web Site Makeover cost: $750 - 2500
      (site planning, page design, graphic design, copywriting)

    For a detailed quote on your web project, contact us and we'll be glad to prepare a no-cost, no-obligation proposal to get you started.

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