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    Our Web Project Process

    The way we do things ensures the success of Your Project.

    For each of our web projects, we follow a similar process that has proven to be successful in satisfying our clients' needs:

    • Free Initial Consultation
      The purpose of our initial consultation is to work with you to determine your needs and wants. We discuss your online objectives and determine your goals for the project. This consultation may be conducted in person (if geographically possible), by email or over the web.

    • Detailed Quote
      Once we have determined the specifications of the project (based on your input and our research), we evaluate the work involved and provide you with a written, detailed quotation. At this time, we will present you with the options available to you as well as a breakdown of what will be required of you and the price for each alternative. You will be aware of the costs, commitments and time frame involved before beginning the project. If it better suits your needs, we can also make arrangements to work on an hourly basis or under an extended contract.

    • Acceptance By Client
      After presenting you with our recommendations for your project and the costs involved, we ask for your approval of a strategy before commencing. Any additional questions, concerns or comments that you may have will be addressed at this time so that the final agreement is clear to all involved. We will also ask for a deposit on the project fees (usually 50% of the total project cost).

    • Commencement of Project
      Once we receive your approved project quotation and deposit, together with the text and image files that we will require (if applicable) then we will start the project. Our work in progress will be displayed as web pages at a private location, unpublished to general Internet users so that you can see a working prototype in its real medium and at your convenience (this allows us to work with clients in any country and any time zone around the world). You are provided with samples/prototypes at each step of the project to allow for your comments and for timely revisions. This step of our process is vital as your input is directly related to the ultimate success of the project.

    • Project Completion
      At the completion of your Internet project, we will again consult with you to ensure your complete satisfaction. Because of the ongoing communication between our team and your organization, it is unlikely that any problems or concerns will remain unresolved, however, if concerns still exist, they will be discussed and resolved at this time. To further promote our customer satisfaction, we may ask for your comments on our work, including client endorsements, project evaluations and/or inclusion in our online portfolio.

    • Post-Project Support
      After the completion of each project, we remain available for any additional support, training, revisions and/or updates that you may require. We understand that any Internet project should never truly be completed, and, therefore, each of our projects is always considered a "work in project." (Note: if we have not established a web maintenance arrangement for your project, additional costs may apply for updates, revisions, etc. that are outside the scope of the original agreement).

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