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    Why You Need A Makeover

    It's not a question of whether your site needs a makeover but WHEN and HOW OFTEN

    "The only constant is change."

    This is true on the internet more than ever before. Technology is constantly changing, but more importantly, so is the knowledge, experience and behaviour of web users.

    For your web site to continue to attract and motivate these users (or to find them in the first place because they haven't been coming to your site in the past), you must keep up with what they want and how they use the web to find your products and services.

    The problem is… most business web sites don’t see the need for a makeover. They may not be getting as much traffic and sales as they had originally hoped for, but they write it off to “over hype of the internet” -- they don’t realize that they too could be profiting if they make the right changes to their web site and their marketing programs.

    Your web site may be under producing because:

    • It has a poor look and feel
    • The writing and wording don’t catch attention and cause your visitor to act (contact you to make a purchase)
    • You don’t have the right tools to market effectively
    Or, even worse, a combination of all three:

      If your presentation doesn’t look clean, clear and professional…

      If your sales message is weak or doesn’t capture the appropriate attention…

      If your advertising methods are out of date or just plain don’t work…

    you won't achieve the results you desire. It’s time to undergo “digital surgery."

    A web site that is not living up to your goals now will only get worse. And even if you're realizing true benefits from your web site now, you have to keep evolving to keep up with the changes that are inevitably underway.

    The 3 key elements of a successful web site continue to be:

    • Providing useful content in an easy-to-use format.
    • Attracting targeted and relevant visitors to your web site.
    • Convincing your visitors to buy from you.

    But how you go about doing this changes as technology evolves and internet users adjust their wants, needs and behaviours. By choosing AFAB as your web consultant, we'll help you to determine what your potential clients are looking for, how you'll be able to locate and attract them to your site and how to convince them to contact you to make a purchase.

    But before we start getting into the nitty-gritty of planning for your new, money-making site, let's look at several benefits you could obtain from a web site makeover:

    • an improved look of your site so visitors feel comfortable with you and your professionalism

    • easier navigation so visitors can find what they're looking for without wasting time jumping around (and eventually leaving to visit your competitors' sites)

    • targeting of your marketing message to appropriate visitors -- multiple (different) customer types require multiple (different) messages

    • a web site that acts as a part of your sales team -- the more information you offer about your services (targeted at your visitors' needs), the more questions you answer, the more your customer feels comfortable with your business, the higher your sales will be

    • increased responses by focusing on the solutions to your visitors’ needs rather than just listing your products/services

    • a showcase of your experience and professionalism -- highlight your talents and make your visitors see you as a real person that they can trust

    • create and/or reinforce a strong image for your business

    • turn your slower times of the year into new busy seasons through increased promotions targeted at the appropriate visitors

    • better merchandising so your clients make more frequent or larger purchases

    • become an information resource -- give your visitors the answers to the questions they've got on their minds. If you inform them of something your competitors don’t, you've already illustrated the level of your expertise.

    • reduced time spent "weeding out the tire kickers" -- if your web site offers answers to the common questions your visitors may have, you'll spend less time answering them over the phone or in person

    • increased web site automation -- make updates to your site quickly and easily so it stays current and you can still focus on the core of your business

    • improved interactivity -- give your visitors an experience that is beneficial and memorable

    • new client services -- you may be able to offer some special service online that will expand those products/services you already offer

    The list of benefits you could be receiving from your web site goes on and on. But in case you have any doubts about what a makeover could do for you complete our Web Site Self-Evaluation to see where your site may be falling short.

    Then Contact Us for a free, no-obligation web site review and we'll show you how to make the changes to turn your web site into an effective and profitable marketing tool.

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