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    Planning for Your First Web Site

    Building a web site requires time and money so it's important that you do it right -- right from the start -- so you'll get the results you want from your investment.

    And doing it right means giving the visitors to your site what they want in the way they want it. It's a simple concept but far too many small business web sites fall short of this goal -- and the cost is reduced effectiveness.

    An effective web site doesn't have to cost more -- it just requires proper planning and implementation. At AFAB, we have the plan to help you achieve your online goals.

    Our 5-Steps to A Successful Web Site process has been developed over more than 10 years of assisting small business owners create web sites that get results. We'll put you at ease as we work with you through each stage of your project:

    • Step One - Understand Your Business & Environment
      Setting your online goals, analyzing your competitors and determining what makes you different.

    • Step Two - Determine Your Audience(s)
      Understanding who your target market(s) is, what their needs are and how they will use your web site.

    • Step Three - Developing Content for Your Audience(s)
      Preparing the information about your business and your products/services to address the needs of your target market(s).

    • Step Four - Designing Your Web Site for Maximum Effectiveness
      Creating your web pages so they suit your content and the needs and behaviours of your visitors.

    • Step Five - Promoting Your Web Site Effectively
      Spreading the word about your web site to increase the number of potential customers that will visit your pages.

    Contact AFAB for a free, no-obligation proposal to see how our plan will work for your project.

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